MPPIA Career Expo ‘A�BC Creates Careers’ Fall 2018

As a rare point of access to the people, organizations and companies that makeA�theA�motion pictureA�and digital media Industries tick, the MPPIA Career ExpoA�is also an educational service to our community partners that helps build aA�wider understanding of the many facets of our work.

The MPPIA Career Expo is an anticipatedA�eventA�on school and community calendars.A�

A resounding success in 2017, a�?Industry Insiders’ a series of discussion sessions where those a�?in the know’ share their stories and career paths, will once again be included in the day’s program. This time on the Vancouver Film Centre stage!

When:A� Fall 2018

Where:A� VanCity Theatre, 1181 Seymour Street, Vancouver

Questions? Please contact: or (604) 618-3572.





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