Reel Green

Sustainable production efforts in British Columbia were formalized originally in 2006 through the BC Film Commission. The Reel Green initiative has built momentum in the last 4 years offering the local film industry sustainable best practices to help productions reduce their environmental impacts and improve their overall footprint.

The program prioritizes education, engagement, communications and resources, empowering the local industry to reduce, reuse and recycle. We have successfully increased stakeholder engagement at the local level and continue  to lead the way in setting an example for other jurisdictions globally.

The Reel Green initiative is housed at Creative BC working closely with our MPPIA partners. We are looking ahead to the next decade and how we can empower and inspire productions to innovate and implement sustainable production practices, and industry stakeholders to collectively support this effort.

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For more information on the Reel Green program, please go to: www.reelgreen.

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