Reel Green

reelgreen.ca is the gateway to a more environmentally responsible motion picture industry in British Columbia. Since 2006,reelgreen.ca has provided tools and information for companies and individuals wishing to be environmentally responsible in carrying out the business of motion picture production.

Established and developed by the BC Film Commission, REEL GREEN became a partnership with the Motion Picture Production Industry Association in 2009. Relationships have been struck with green initiatives already working in BC communities.

BC’s production community understands that a light footprint on the environment means a longer life for valued resources, a longer welcome in BC communities and a better alternative for production clients with environmental responsibility among their priorities.

To this end, the MPPIA Reel Green Member Sustainability Code (Reel Green Code) was established in 2011. In adopting the Reel Green Code, MPPIA businesses and organizations voluntarily adhere to a minimum requirement of environmental best practices. Members self assess and report to MPPIA’s board as a mechanism to measure our overall success in addressing environmental objectives — that are now our clients’ corporate policy and our shared responsibility for a sustainable future.

For more information on BC’s green alternatives, best practices, contacts and suppliers, visitreelgreen.ca.

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