The Motion Picture Production Industry Association of BC (MPPIA) invites you to join us as we work to ensure a strong future for film and television production in British Columbia.

Membership in MPPIA offers a range of benefits that includes networking opportunities, joint marketing initiatives, industry building events, and government, business and community outreach.

MPPIA’s membership represents BC’s production community broadly across the industry’s subsectors, and exemplifies collaboration for the common good of the industry, and for the benefit of BC’s creative sector.

In 2020, MPPIA members worked closely with industry and government partners to navigate the extraordinary circumstances of the global pandemic and its local impacts. Our ‘town hall’ panel series throughout 2020 helped connect the industry community throughout the year — with over 30,000 participants tuning in to hear their peers discuss the challenges and solutions for the industry’s safe return to work.

This town hall series can be viewed on our Facebook page.

Have a voice, be a part of the vision: Join MPPIA.