Message from the MPPIA Chair: Our strategy in 2014

February 3, 2014
Posted by: Leslie Wootton

BC’s motion picture production sector went through some rocky territory last year but we ended 2013 on a high note and we areA�approaching the new year with optimism and plans to build on lessons learned.

The message that emerged resoundingly in 2013, even after some sectors experienced a very lean first quarter, is that BC’s combined value proposition drives business across all sectors of our production industry. A�When some segments of the industry are thriving and others are not, those who are at work keep building BC’s reputation for quality in production that meets or exceeds global standards.

This point was driven home during our fall mission to Los Angeles, where the feedback from our clients was extremely positive. As one BC producer put it at an industry meeting late last year, “BC works” — and that statement is true in more ways than one. A�We know our challenges — among them, that A�BC is not the least expensive production jurisdiction in North America and we know as well that BC content producers are challenged by limited access to development funding compared to some of their Canadian counterparts. A�Yet across the board, BC is getting it done — charting major foreign & domestic success in film, television, animation, visual effects, post production and interactive games — building on the BC ‘brand’ thatA�stands for quality, reliability, and top drawer expertise and talent.

BC is maturing as a hub where creative excellence and ‘know how’ are merging with technology advances and new business models. As long as we are adaptable, BC’s screen production industries are well positioned forA�new growthA�based less onA�price alone, more on combined value and driven by innovation. This is the lift off for MPPIA’s strategic plan over the next one to three years, when we will be workingA�collaboratively to capitalizeA�on all of theA�strengths that make up our unique value proposition in BC.A� Per the strategic planning session carried out by the MPPIA Executive on Jan. 14., in 2014/15 MPPIA will:

  • Examine its membership model and present roster to ensure that it is robust and adequately represents the screen based entertainment production stakeholders driving all industry sectors in BC; A�plan steps to address any weaknesses or shortfalls for same;
  • Work closely with the CMPA to support its mandate and ensure that our priorities and plans for business development are appropriately aligned;
  • Work closely with Creative BC, same as above;
  • Continue our leadership role in a communications initiative collaborating with BC’s creative industries stakeholders to establish and advance a branded identity for BC’s ‘creative economy’ that demonstrates its breadth and value;
  • Continue our outreach to BC’s business, government and community leaders to share industry information that leads to greater understanding of mutual interests and opportunities;
  • Wrap and assess our three year, federally funded business development and international marketing initiative and examine the future opportunities to build on the accomplishments of the project;
  • Envision long term (to three years) Association objectives and deliverables and draft plan reflecting same.

In each of the above noted categories, the MPPIA Executive will establish action plans before the end of March 31, 2014,A�to launch our new fiscal year in April with a fresh vision andA�achievable targets for the next one to three years.

Looking back, 2013 was a watershed year for BC’sA�motion picture production industries; we experiencedA�extremes in sector activityA�thatA�made industry professionals in the thousandsA�across the production communityA�come together to considerA�how best we can work toA�determineA�our future success.A�A�Through the course of the year weA�built consensusA�to advance a strategyA�that focuses onA�BC’s strengths and opportunities — on this note, I look forward toA�collaborativelyA�developing and implementingA�our plans in theA�year ahead.

Peter Leitch, Chair, MPPIA


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