BC Film & TV industry Rolls out the Red Carpet with Pride

August 3, 2018
Posted by: Leslie Wootton


Community Appreciation at the Heart of Industry Participation in Pride Parade

?Together #bccreates is the heartfelt message powering the BC film & television industry float, ready and set to roll in the 40th Annual Vancouver Pride Parade taking place this Sunday August 5th.

The production community is coming out in force with a fun take-off on Hollywood style hijinks paparazzi reporting and decked out industry folks sharing swag to help animate one of the Citys most vibrant and beloved community events.

Parade time: Sunday, August 5, Noon to 3

Film & television production community event participation is presented by the Motion Picture Community Initiative (MPCI) of the Motion Picture Production Industry Assn. of BC (MPPIA).

The MPCI is a production industry initiative established to share the success of BCs film & television sector with appreciation for BCs community partners.

The Motion Picture Production Industry Association of BC (MPPIA) is a member-based, non-profit society established in April 2002 to grow, diversify and promote a competitive and sustainable motion picture production industry in British Columbia.


Leslie Wootton

Motion Picture Production Industry Assn. of BC