City of Vancouver Sharpens BC’s Competitive Position with New Motion Picture Industry Measures

April 17, 2013
Posted by: Leslie Wootton

MPPIA welcomed last week from the City of Vancouver proposed measures to streamline and reduce service costs, build industry and tangibly demonstrate that Vancouver is committed to a healthy future for motion picture production in BC.

Reduced parking rates, lower policing costs and simpler filming permits are among the solutions the City of Vancouver is exploring to ensure a strong competitive offering for BC’s Vancouver based production.

ai???The City of Vancouver is an extremely important partner in the economic mix of our production sector so we are delighted that the City is taking demonstrable steps to sharpen our competitive position,ai??? said MPPIA Chair Peter Leitch. ai???We have built an enviable production centre in Greater Vancouver and throughout BC. Working together on our strategy for global competitiveness, we are assured a promising future as one of the world’s leading hubs for motion picture and digital entertainment production,ai??? Leitch added.

Also under consideration is the creation of an intellectual property reserve for domestic productions. More domestic projects, which put down roots in the city, ensure longevity and ownership in the local industry.