Film Industry Orientation (FIOP) Course Updated, Now Known as the Motion Picture Industry Orientation Course (MPIO)

November 1, 2012
Posted by: Leslie Wootton


The Motion Picture Production Industry Association of BC (MPPIA)Education & Training Committeewishes to advise of changes in the BC film orientation course as follows:

1.) The FIOP course has been renamed the ‘Motion Picture Industry Orientation’ (MPIO)course effective immediately;

2.) WHMIS will no longer be taught as part of the MPIO course. WHMIS is available via Actsafe at or by calling 604.733.4682;

3.) The new MPIO course studentmanual and correspondinginstructors’ manual and visual presentation are now complete and readyfor use in course offeringsas of November 1. In an effort to reduce printing and paper use, the MPIO manuals will now be available for electronic download to laptop and tablet computers by students who choose this option via the respective educational institution.Hard copies willstill be available through Actsafe at a cost of $10 per manual. Educational institutions/instructors offering the course will submit material requests to Actsafe along with student certificate requests (per current procedure) ahead of their course offerings; copies and electronic access will be distributed accordingly.

Any questions on the above noted changes can be directed to