Labour Market Impact Assessment: Screen Production Exemptions Announced

February 3, 2016
Posted by: Leslie Wootton

Introduction of new categories of Labour Market Impact Assessment-exempt work permits under section 205 of theImmigration and Refugee Protection Regulations


New categories of Labour Market Impact Assessment(LMIA)-exempt work permits under section205 of theImmigration and Refugee Protection Regulations have been introduced. In addition, the instructions on the business visitor category under sectionR186 have been clarified.

  • TheLMIA exemption code C14applies to foreign nationals whose work is essential to a television or film production and would create and maintain significant economic benefits and opportunities for Canadians and permanent residents.
  • TheLMIA exemption code C23applies to foreign nationals working in dance (e.g., ballet, contemporary), opera, orchestra and live theatre whose work contributes to competitive advantages and reciprocal benefits for all Canadians, including Canadian performing artists and performing arts organizations.
  • Foreign nationals who are employed as film producers, essential personnel for commercial (i.e., advertising) shoots, and film and recording studio users may be considered under the business visitor category.