July 5, 2022
Posted by: Leslie Wootton

This year, when MPPIA members gathered on June 23rd for our Annual General meeting to elect incoming leadership, it marked an especially exciting transition for the Association and for the BC industry itself. We’ve broadened MPPIA’s ‘voice and vision’ by expanding participation and perspectives on our Board with three additional seats; as well, Martini Studios CEO Gemma Martini was elected to our Chair position to become the first woman to lead the Industry Association since its inception in 2002.

I’m very pleased to introduce our MPPIA 2022-23 Board of Directors:

Board Executive:

Gemma Martini, Chair — Martini Film Studios

Peter Leitch, Past Chair — North Shore/Mammoth Studios

Michelle Grady, Vice Chair — Sony Pictures Imageworks

Kendrie Upton, Secretary — DGC BC

Craig Langdon, Treasurer — Vancouver Mobile Dressing Rooms

Directors at Large:

Mary Jo Beirnes, MBS Equipment Company Canada

Hans Dayal, Production Manager

Lindsay Donovan, Company 3 Vancouver

Tracey Friesen, CMPA BC

Andrew Jha, Picture Shop

Anand Kanna, Actsafe Safety Assn.

Spencer Kent, Industrial Light & Magic

Paul Klassen, BC Council of Film Unions

Peter Mitchell, Vancouver Film Studios

Wendy Noss, MPA Canada

Haydn Wazelle, Tabula Dada

Tracey Wood, AMPTP

The MPPIA Board is composed of representation from across the industry subsectors that make BC’s production centre a top contender on the global landscape: Studios, Facilities, Labour, Producers (Canadian & USA), Equipment Supply , Animation & VFX, Post Production, Education & Safety.

The MPPIA 2022-23 Board representatives are leading professionals and committed volunteers who bring their specific expertise and insight to the unique collaboration that characterizes the BC production industry.

I’m very proud to have worked with many of these talented individuals for several years to ensure a strong and competitive industry here in BC. I’m also impressed and humbled by our industry’s emerging leaders, their innovation, scope and understanding of the priorities that will shape a strong future for our industry and the province’s creative economy.

I want to express mye sincere appreciation to every individual — past, present and future — who steps up to do the work that ensures we nurture a strong, competitive and progressive motion picture production industry in British Columbia. I also want to offer my congratulations to our 2022-23 Board of Directors — we are in good hands.

Peter Leitch, Past Chair, Motion Picture Production Industry Assn. of British Columbia