Message From the Chair 2022: Delivering on the Promise

March 31, 2022
Posted by: Leslie Wootton

Even though 2022 was rough out of the gate due to the ongoing Covid situation, our industry forged onward once again with business ramping up slowly but surely since the new year. In the motion picture production sector we are lucky to have adaptability built into our DNA – not only has it has served us well through some daunting challenges, but it’s also allowed us to lead by example with industry-wide collaboration and cooperation being the key to our success.

In spite of the unsettled public health conditions, there is finally a growing sense of optimism that the end is in sight, even if the ‘the end’ means adapting to ongoing public health protocols to live and work safely.  It’s expected that we’ll soon return to some of our in-person activities that have been suspended for more than two years. More importantly though, we are gearing up to act on some of the priorities we’ve examined more deeply through the period that our external work has been curbed.  

Some highlights of our accomplishments in 2021:

  • PSA  Production , Industry Partner Thank You (MPCI)
  • Creative Industries Week Virtual Showcase
  • Western Economic Diversifications Project Completion
  • Decolonization Training, Six-Part Series led by Kim Haxton/Elevate Inclusion
  • Industry Stewardship Poster Campaign
  • Support/ Participation in Reel Green Advisory Group and Reformation of Reel Green led by Creative BC
  • Support/Participation in Creative Pathways Development led by Creative BC
  • Motion Picture Industry Orientation Course Redevelopment in collaboration with Creative BC
  • Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services Meeting Presentation and ongoing government outreach

It’s upon us to make the most of what we’ve learned over the past two years and this will certainly be true for MPPIA as an Industry Association. Our Board of Directors commenced  annual strategic planning early this year and we will be spending the weeks ahead mapping and activating our action plans, some of which include:

  • Strategic Plan for Key Priorities 
  • Succession & Organization Planning
  • Development  & Implementation of Plan for Equity & Inclusion  within MPPIA leadership
  • Support/collaboration with Creative BC on Launch and Implementation of Creative Pathways
  • “Myth Buster” Social Media Campaign for Equity & Inclusion
  • Industry Stewardship  Communications /Social Media Part 2
  • Redevelopment of Los Angeles Outreach /Marketing Strategy
  • Working Group for Domestic Industry Market Development
  • Redevelopment of MPPIA Career Expo
  • Re- launch of Annual Fundraiser /Stephen J. Cannell Golf Tournament

There have been a lot of lessons for all of us during this period of collective suspended animation. For our industry, it’s never been more clear where we excel, but equally where we need to improve. Sustainability in all its forms is at the heart of our mission and I look forward to working together as we turn the corner into an exciting period of healthy and thoughtfully managed growth for our industry.

Peter Leitch, Chair