We Create BC: Next Steps

January 31, 2013
Posted by: Leslie Wootton

Thousands of people from across BC’s motion picture production community gathered for an exceptional meeting on Jan. 22nd 2013 with one common goal in mind: to secure a healthy future for film & television production, and a vibrant creative economy in British Columbia.

The industry stood up to be counted, and to come together with one voice and a vision. Together, we reviewed what’s been done, we shared opinions and ideas; MPPIA introduced We Create BC as a vehicle to tell the story of the people, jobs, investment and talent that has built our industry over the past 30 years.

Now, we have an opportunity to move together under the We Create BC banner with positive action that will accomplish this.

To this end, the Motion Picture Production Industry Association intends to mobilize on the following actions in 2013 to ensure that together we keep our industry moving forward:

Continue to encourage the BC production community to post to www.facebook.com/wecreatebc to build the story of the people, jobs, investment, and future opportunity that our industry represents; augment the social media site(s) by establishing a We Create BC website where we can showcase the people and jobs behind BC’s creative economy.

Continue to bring our story to our government leaders to support a proposed strategy for industry competitiveness and collaborative leadership between industry and government;

Build bridges between BC’s creative industries with specific outreach to ensure we assemble the strongest and most influential voice for the sector;

Work to complete a meaningful industry economic impact study, with supporting production case studies that reveal a more complete picture of the production industry’s economic reach;

Develop and execute an industry public awareness program that educates, celebrates and creates pride for the industry in the public domain; in addition to social media, this program will use p.s.a. advertising, print advertorial, a speakers’ bureau, special events and additional collateral material that we can use to spread the message.

Plan another industry ai???town hall’ meeting later this spring to enable industry to gather for up-to-date information on campaign progress;

What can you do?

Engage in the We Create BC facebook initiative with as many positive industry stories as possible ‘ this is meant to be a place to aggregate and celebrate the multitude of dedicated and talented people that have built BC’s motion picture production industry and the great work they have done. As well as economic impact, we can showcase the community citizenship, social and cultural contribution of the industry.

Continue to carry out industry government relations by writing to your government representatives, and meeting with them whenever possible ‘ to talk about what is at stake if we don’t maintain and grow the motion picture production sector and a healthy creative economy.

Get involved with the industry organizations that represent you ‘ your union, MPPIA, CMPA; engage other business and community organizations like your local chamber of commerce, business improvement assn. or board of trade ‘ many of their members benefit from the production industry and can become champions too.

We will communicate action going forward in as timely a manner as possible: stay in touch by whichever means works best for you ‘ social media, email, telephone — with your patience, persistence and enthusiasm we can tell this story together and build the pride and support that BC’s creative industries deserve.

coming soon: www.wecreatebc.com